The MB3 Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to educate every community across the Commonwealth of Kentucky to welcome, support, mentor, and equip returning citizens with the tools to successfully re-enter society.

Mission Behind Bars and Beyond (MB3) directly addresses the causes of recidivism and seeks to reduce the rate of recidivism among returning citizens released from Kentucky correctional facilities. The program adopts a multi-layer, holistic approach that begins with the individual while incarcerated, assists with pre-release preparation, and provides support and assistance once the individual returns to the community. Like an open road, MB3 gives a returning citizen a second chance to create a new path in life.  

We envision a world in which returning citizens have the tools and opportunities that allow them to rejoin society as healthy, productive, and contributing members of the communities they live in.  

Mission Behind Bars and Beyond is making a safer Kentucky, one returning citizen at a time. 

The vision is clear, the mission on-going.