Our organization is there for them behind the bars and beyond.

Those returning to our communities from prison face many obstacles. They struggle to find good jobs and decent, affordable housing. They are often overwhelmed by their new freedom. They frequently have lost contact with their families and have relocated to new communities where they know no one and are unfamiliar with the resources that are available.

Nurture, Support and Accountability Groups walk alongside returning citizens behind and beyond the bars providing mentoring and support.  Trained volunteer mentors meet weekly in our groups which work with one returning citizen at a time.

Community volunteers bring their professional experiences into the classroom in areas such as accounting, banking, education, finance, business, education, and psychology.  Students receive Certifications of Completion at the end of each 6-week course which are presently offered on a regular basis at The Diersen House, a residential facility for women convicted of felonies.  

Life skills classes are taught behind the bars to prepare for a successful re-entry back into the community.  Classes on money management, how to start a business, developing and maintaining healthy relationships are just a few offered behind the bars during the course of a year. The life skills classes offered are:

Smart Ways to Handle Money
Five Steps to a New Me
How to Set Up a Business
Identifying, Understanding and Responding to Stress
Steps to Reconciliation
Making Peace With Oneself and Others

Pastoral care and counseling are provided by qualified clergy for those behind the bars and beyond. Ordained clergy are available to provide spiritual care to those incarcerated.

Worship services are offered weekly to those incarcerated to remind them of God's love and mercy and to offer sanctuary in a sometimes dark world.  Churches from across Kentucky and Southern Indiana come and lead worship at our congregation inside Dismas Charities-Diersen reminding the residents they are loved and not forgotten. Those churches are there to welcome them when they are looking for a church home on the outside.